Discover the ultimate best fishing games that you get to enjoy today. Whether you prefer to play on your pc or via your phone, we got it all covered. These games make the angler’s heart beat faster and help every hobby fisher survive the bleak winter season.

Fishing Games for PC

Bass Fishing Pro

This fishing game is a free browser game that involves catching a certain number of fish in a specific time, with the fish getting faster and time running out after each round. The game runs as follows: First, you bring your boat to the targeted fish using arrow keys (left-right). The bait is then ejected, which can be moved down and up with other arrow keys to hook the fish.

Super Fishing

Super fishing is very convenient to use because it is done exclusively with the mouse. At the beginning of the game, the angler sits in a boat and throws out his fishing rod. The player now tries to hook a fish with the right and left movement of the mouse. You can also bag the bait by the mouse click and pull it up again with two clicks. The whole thing is enhanced by the thunderstorm option and complicated by all sorts of artifacts passing in the water.

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is a free playable fishing simulation developed by real anglers. The game is multiplayer-capable, allowing multiple players to participate in the game simultaneously and play against each other. According to the manufacturer, Fishing Planet is characterized by a very high degree of reality, detailed graphics, and several game modes. A complex AI system for fish behavior makes hunting the fattest fish even more realistic.


Fishing games for Mobile Phones

Ace Fishing – Fishing in HD

Throw out your fishing rod and catch the fattest fish! In HD quality, Ace Fishing offers ultimate fishing adventures for mobile devices. Excellent 3D graphics make the fishing experience even more realistic. In the beautiful fishing areas scattered around the world, you will learn many skills to master difficult tasks and catch the most unusual fish.

Bass Assassin

This game is an app for BlackBerry version 4.2 or later. If a fish has bitten, the player must catch it with the necessary sensitivity and equipment. The Pro Challenge category for experienced players attracts new fishing areas and additional equipment. The game is also suitable for non-anglers and provides numerous challenges and lots of fun with sophisticated graphics and hidden trophies.

Carp Fishing Simulator

Carp Fishing is a 3D app based on the PC Mac version of the game and available for Android and IOS devices. In this game, you can become a virtual master angler and catch carp up to 70 lbs! You can also make money from the caught fish to unlock additional fishing areas and discover new fish species. Detailed graphics and easy operation provide entertaining gaming pleasure on the go.