Unpack the fishing route at any time and lie down on the lure of a particularly big catch – all you need is an Android device and the right game. The Android Market offers a number of ways to pull some fish out of the water with the virtual fishing rod and accelerometer of the smartphone or tablet. We present our selection of the best fishing games for Android.

  1. iFishing

In high-resolution graphics, the player can navigate 15 different lakes at i Fishing in search of schools of fish, some of which have to be unlocked. This is done by the player participating in tournaments and winning prize money. But the fish are far from stupid in i Fishing. Therefore, three different levels of difficulty offer the right challenge for everyone. Other editions of i Fishing have been released, including a saltwater and fly fishing edition. With the free Lite version, the game can be played before purchase sample.

  1. Big Sport Fishing 3D

Sport fishing in a beautiful 3D look – there is Big Sport Fishing 3D for that. Whether in bright sunshine or under the night moon, the hunt for the realistically moving fish, also kept in 3D graphics, is a lot of fun. Many fish species can be caught, even sharks may have suddenly swallowed the ejected bait. The free Lite version of Big Sport Fishing 3D is limited to two fishing scenarios, while the paid Pro version offers a total of ten different locations.

  1. Fishin’ 2 Go

Also on Fishin’ 2 Go, Android smartphone and the accelerometer are the ingredients to get water dwellers on the raised fishing hooks. The skill of the player is required at every moment, because the fish not only move realistically through the water, but also do not fall on every cheap bait. The free version of Fishin’ 2 Go (LITE) includes three different freshwater and saltwater areas where 11 different baits can be used to hunt 32 species of fish. The Pro version offers a total of 16 locations, over 80 baits and more than 100 different fish species.

  1. Super Dynamite Fishing

Super Dynamite Fishing proves that the fish do not necessarily have to be killed with the fishing rod in an explosive way. It is unlikely that the remains of the fish will still be sufficient for dinner when they have come into contact with the dynamite. The fish innards, on the other hand, are still well sold. The player can then invest the winnings in stronger weapons and more luxurious ships. This makes sense, because with Super Dynamite Fishing even the dream woman can be caught. The Free version comes with advertisements that can be removed by purchasing the full version.