List of 3D games about fishing by rating:


  • Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

Rare crab fishing simulator, based on the material from the transmission of Discovery – Deadly Catch. There are five characters to choose from and the opportunity to create your fishing boat. Next, with a team of twenty sailors, gamer goes to sea, wherein raging waters he will be engaged in catching crabs. Occupation is challenging because the calm in the game comes rarely, the waves reach ten meters in height, the wind bangs the sails with all their might, and the team of crabs can be at the mercy of an unknown ailment.

  • Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes is a game for those who are impressed by the winter type of fishing. Here you will compete with other anglers. Your opponents can be a computer and a real person. It gives 45 minutes to catch fish. Once you find a place to catch, you need to make a hole and, using the feed and the right gear, catch as many fish as possible. Your competitors face a similar task. Who’s the weight of the fish will be the greatest, he will be recognized as the winner. When fishing, it is necessary to use fishing flair to understand in what body of water which fish can live.

  • SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass Fishing is a realistic fishing simulator produced by SEGA. The user is given the opportunity to show the skills necessary for a successful fisher. The player can swim to one of the nine locations and start fishing. It would be best if you caught as much large fish as possible. Choose from fourteen different lures and test your luck in four tournaments. Sport fishing on perch is captivating. The player starts his career as an amateur, and at the end of the game, he can get the professional title.

  • Atom Fishing II

Curiosity will lead players into the world of the apocalypse of our planet. After the collision, it was already 1.5 centuries, during which nature partially coped with the damage. Some representatives of the underwater world were able to mutate for the sake of survival in the changed habitats. The game creators invite you to visit the radiation-contaminated Ural Gorges, in the caves under Pripyat. Players will find out what happened to the purest Lake Baikal and the full-flowing Volga. To get to know the world better, you will have to work on improving the gear and improve the character’s horizons.

  • Fishing on the Fly

Fishing on the Fly is a realistic fishing simulator that offers beginners and experienced anglers to experience moth fishing delights in the northwestern regions of the United States. You will find a finely recreated nature and riverbeds, lively local fauna, and, of course, a mass of fish. Among the extraction will come across as usual, common in the region fish, and rare, requiring a complex combined approach in fishing. Having received valuable loot, you will be asked to sell it and earn a game currency to buy improved fishing rods and bait.