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4-H Sportfishing Program
Sportfishing is an educational 4-H program for youth of all ages. It teaches fishing skills, conservation, ethical knowledge, aquatic ecology, tackle crafting and much much more.

We are always interested in adult volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge and skills with our 4-H youth. Please let us know if you would like to help out!

Interested? E-mail us at jim.hamilton@4hfishing.org

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Did You Know?
  • Estimated number of Colorado recreational anglers—916 thousand.
  • Estimated number of Colorado youth recreational anglers—211 thousand!
  • Colorado anglers spent more than 9.2 million angler days fishing!.
  • Colorado anglers accounted for $8.2 million dollars in state economic impacts.
Source: American Sportfishing Association & Colorado Division of Wildlife
Curriculum Resource Links:
Angling Skills
Aquatic Ecology
Wise Use
People and Fish
Tackle Craft
Tackle Crafting

National 4-H Sportfishing Curriculum: The 4-H Sportfishing Program is available nationally through the 4-H Curriculum System as a three level, one helper guide set of curriculum emphasizing experiential learning and exploration. For more information go to the 4-H Curriculum Web Site at www.n4hccs.org/
SF Level 1 Curriculum SF Level 2 Curriculum SF Level 3 Curriculum SF Helper Guide

For more information on the Colorado 4-H Sportfishing Program contact: Jim Hamilton, State Coordinator, 4-H Sportfishing Program -- Ft. Collins, CO -- Colorado State University Extension
(719) 846-7403 -- jim.hamilton@4hfishing.org
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